Arizona Duplex for Sale

Arizona Duplex for Sale

If you are an investor looking for a lucrative opportunity in the real estate market, then look no further than this Arizona duplex for sale. This 4-Plex is fully occupied and offers great potential for generating a steady stream of income. With all units consisting of 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this property is located in Bullhead City, a bustling area close to shopping centers and restaurants.

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One of the key features of this property is its excellent maintenance. The units have been well taken care of, ensuring that tenants have a comfortable living environment. This is a crucial aspect for any investor, as happy tenants are more likely to stay for longer periods, reducing turnover and vacancy rates. With this Arizona duplex, you can be assured of a hassle-free property management experience.

Arizona Duplex for Sale

Another advantage of this property is the absence of assessments. This means that you won’t have to worry about any additional costs or unexpected expenses eating into your profits. This is a significant advantage for investors, as it allows for better financial planning and increased returns on investment.

If you are considering expanding your investment portfolio, there are also other opportunities available within the same building. Building 200, 900, and 1000, which are also 4-plexes, are also up for sale. This presents a unique chance to acquire multiple properties in one go, providing even more potential for income generation.

Bullhead City, the location of this duplex, is a vibrant area with a growing population. This ensures a consistent demand for rental properties, making it an ideal choice for investors. The proximity to shopping centers and restaurants adds to the property’s appeal, making it attractive to potential tenants seeking convenience and accessibility.

Investing in real estate is a proven way to build wealth and secure a stable income stream. This Arizona duplex offers an excellent opportunity for investors to capitalize on the thriving rental market in Bullhead City. With fully occupied units, well-maintained properties, and no assessments, this investment promises a hassle-free experience and lucrative returns.

Don’t miss out on this chance to own a piece of prime real estate in Arizona. Whether you choose to invest in this 4-Plex or explore the additional opportunities in Building 200, 900, and 1000, you can be confident in the potential for long-term success. Take advantage of this Arizona duplex for sale and start your journey toward financial prosperity in the real estate market today.

1765 Central BLDG. 100 Avenue, Bullhead, AZ 86442





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