Atlanta Duplex For Sale

Atlanta Duplex For Sale

Are you looking for a lucrative real estate investment opportunity in Atlanta? Look no further than this Atlanta duplex for sale! This property is truly an investor special, with tremendous potential for a high return on investment. With its rehab-ready condition and the possibility of being converted into a duplex with 2-3 bedrooms, kitchen, and 2 bathrooms for each unit, this property offers a unique opportunity for savvy investors.

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One of the standout features of this duplex is its size. While the tax records may not accurately reflect the square footage due to an addition at the rear of the home, it is safe to say that this property offers ample space for potential tenants. This extra space can be utilized to create comfortable living areas for each unit, ensuring that tenants have plenty of room to relax and enjoy their own private space.

Atlanta Duplex For Sale

In addition to the interior space, the property boasts large courtyard-style grounds. This is a rare find in a city like Atlanta, where space can often come at a premium. The spacious grounds provide tenants with the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, whether it’s for hosting gatherings, gardening, or simply unwinding after a long day. Furthermore, the property is fenced, providing an added layer of security and privacy for the residents.

Another noteworthy aspect of this Atlanta duplex is its rear entrance driveway. This feature offers convenience and ease of access for tenants, allowing them to come and go without any hassle. Additionally, the rear entrance driveway adds an extra layer of privacy by ensuring that the main entrance of the property remains undisturbed.

Investing in real estate is all about finding opportunities that have the potential to generate substantial returns on investment. This Atlanta duplex presents exactly that. With its rehab-ready condition, the property allows investors to customize and upgrade the units to meet the demands of the rental market. By doing so, investors can attract higher-paying tenants and maximize their rental income.

It’s important to note that the Atlanta housing market is currently experiencing strong growth, making it an ideal time to invest in real estate in the area. Demand for rental properties is high, and with the potential to convert this property into a duplex, investors can tap into the growing demand for multi-unit residences. Furthermore, Atlanta’s thriving job market and diverse economy contribute to the stability and attractiveness of the rental market, ensuring a steady stream of potential tenants.

In conclusion, this Atlanta duplex for sale is an exceptional investment opportunity. With its rehab-ready condition, the potential to convert it into a duplex, spacious grounds, fenced perimeter, and rear entrance driveway, this property has all the features necessary to attract high-quality tenants. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or new to the real estate market, this Atlanta duplex offers the potential for significant returns and long-term financial security. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity – seize it today!

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